Cameron – Operations Manager

Cameron began diving in 1987 along the Greater Barrier reef system. He spent time working in Hawaii before getting his Rescue Diving certification in Nevada. In 1989, he earned his Divemaster certification and began working locally with a dive charter. His Instructor card would follow in the early 90’s. He’s been running Coastal Scuba ever since.
“Diving is the most unbelievable experience you’ll ever have in your life. The marine life and the organisms that you see underwater provide an unbelievable world to be in, and anyone can do it.”

Anh Dao – Manager

Anh Dao began diving in the early 90’s. She’s dove all over the world including St John’s, Mexico, the Bahamas, Hawaii and the Atlantic Coastline. You’ll occasionally catch her out on a charter, but she’s more often found in the office keeping everything running smoothly.
Christine – Instructor

Christine is an IDC Staff Instructor and has spent a considerable amount of time diving around the world. Now in her second season with Coastal Scuba, Christine can be found in the pool, classroom, and on the boat. She loves to teach the Discover Scuba course, introducing new divers to the wonderful world of breathing underwater. She’s patient, kind, and an excellent teacher. You’ll love her, just like we do.
Fletch – Instructor

Fletch is a PADI Course Director and began his diving career at the age of 62. If you have any doubts about whether you can do this, Fletch is an inspiration. He has a complete and encompassing knowledge of diving, including physics, theory, and application. Originally from South Carolina, Fletch is retired military and excels at bringing out the best in students.
Robert – Captain

Captain Robert has been with Coastal Scuba since the early days. He is fantastic on the ocean, and is great with getting you to your dive spot comfortably and with a smile. You’ll love his personality from the moment he welcomes you on his vessel. He focuses on safety and customer service.
Buddy – Captain

Captain Buddy has been around for longer than anyone can remember. He’s a lifelong boat Captain that knows the wrecks and waters off the Myrtle Beach coast as well as anyone. Buddy is most often found driving the Pride of the Carolinas, but occasionally works on the other vessels as well. He’s very experienced with all of them.
Janine – Instructor

Janine is a certified PADI IDC Staff Instructor. She enjoys taking photos and videos on her dives. This will be her seventh season in the shop. She enjoys sharing her love of the ocean and diving with students.
Pete – Instructor

Pete is a PADI MSDT Instructor and is usually found on the dive boat helping new students enter the water for the first time. A former member of the US Army, Pete excels at ensuring your safety in and out of the water. One of the hardest workers on staff, Pete will be at the boat hours before your arrival making sure your tanks are full, and onboard when you arrive.
Brittany – Instructor

Brittany has been around dive and fishing boats since she was a small child. She is a second generation Open Water Scuba Instructor and is on the dive boat daily. With her bubbly personality, Brittany makes friends easily and loves sharing her dive knowledge, from around the world.
Jordan – Office Staff

Jordan enters her fourth season helping connect divers with their best options. She excels in connecting you with the best dive site, or the best instructor. Have a question about upcoming schedules, or options, she’s your go-to in the office.
Russ – Marketing Coordinator

Russ is an open water diver that has spent a lifetime around the waters. fishing, diving, and sailing. You’ll find him the office, usually and open to new ideas about how to get your group out on the water to experience the wonders of this area.
Tyler – Divemaster/Marketing

A certified diver since 1993, Tyler has been with Coastal Scuba since the early days. You’ll see him occasionally on the boat working as a Divemaster, but most often he is found behind the computer handling the online marketing efforts of the business.
Tyler is a history buff and has spent years researching the shipwrecks off of our coast. He holds PADI certifications as an Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver, and Divemaster.